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This article will guide you through placing international calls using Microsoft Lync. This procedure will also work on all conference room equipment and on cell phones.

It is important to include the full telephone number preceded by the US international dialing code when calling internationally. The dialing sequence is to first enter the international code, followed by the country code, the city code and the local telephone number.

After entering the full number in Lync, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard to dial the number.

The international dialing code from the US is: 011
Note: It is not necessary to dial the international code when calling countries that have telephone numbers beginning with the number 1 (ie. Bahamas, Jamaica, etc.).

The Denmark office telephone number is listed as: +45 36 72 00 44

To call the Denmark office using MS Lync, enter: 011 45 36 72 00 44
Note: The “+” should not be present when entering the number in Lync. There should be no symbols in the number field.

The same applies when calling other countries. Please see codes to countries with Pandora offices below.

A full list of all country codes is located at

Australia: 61
Brazil: 55
Denmark: 45
Germany: 49
Thailand: 66


If you experience any problems with calling international telephone numbers, please report the issue to the NAM Help Desk using one of the contact methods below:

Create a ticket - Click HERE
Send an e-mail - Click HERE
Call 410-309-0200 and ask to be transferred to the Help Desk

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