CRM Failed to Load in Outlook- How to Enable

Joseph Knight -

The following message may appear when accessing CRM through Outlook:

 CRM has failed to load.

This is caused by the Outlook CRM add-in being disabled in Outlook in an attempt to improve the performance of Outlook.

Please follow the steps below to re-enable CRM in Outlook: 

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook
  2. Search for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011:

    Windows 7 - Click on the START button and search for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

    Windows 8 - Open the Charms bar and click on the "Search" icon. Search for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

  3. Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and click Diagnostics

  4. From the Diagnostics property sheet, click Advanced Troubleshooting

  5. Under the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook Add-In click the Enable

  6. Click Save, and open Outlook.

  7. CRM should now be enabled


If you experience any problems with enabling CRM in Outlook, please report the issue to the NAM Help Desk using one of the contact methods below:

Create a ticket - Click HERE
Send an e-mail - Click HERE
Call 410-309-0200 and ask to be transferred to the Help Desk


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