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The US IT Help Desk uses the LogMeIn utility to remotely connect to employee and store computers over a high speed internet connection. The LogMeIn remote connection allows Help Desk technicians to take control of mouse and keyboard inputs on computers, which allows the agents to remotely investigate and resolve most problems.

The end-user must grant access each time a technician requests to remotely access and control their computer. The process has multiple steps which are outlined below:


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to

  2. A prompt for a 6 digit PIN code will display. This code will be provided by the Help Desk technician

  3. After entering the code, click the Download button

  4. You will be prompted to 'Run' or 'Save' the file. The prompt will display differently in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

    - In Internet Explorer, select Run

    - In Google Chrome, the file will be downloaded automatically. Click on the file in the bottom of the browser window to launch it.

    NOTE: If an error displays indicating that the file can’t be run because it has been moved or deleted, select the 'Save' button and double-click the file in your 'Downloads' folder.

  5. Next, a pop-up window requesting 'User Account Control' will display. Click OK

    NOTE: The popup below may be automatically minimized by your computer. If you do not see it, minimize all other windows that are open, or look for the LogMeIn ‘+’ icon on the taskbar, which may be flashing yellow.

    Additional NOTE: If a Windows Firewall pop-up window displays, simply close the Windows Firewall window. The technician will still be able to proceed.

  6. After clicking OK in step 5, another pop-up window will display asking for your permission to allow LogMeIn to make changes to your computer. Click Yes

  7. Once the technician attempts to begin the session and view your screen, a final pop-up window will display the permissions that the technician will have. Click OK to begin the remote session

  8. Your session can be ended at any time by closing the application or clicking the red X on the toolbar

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