Categorize Events using Colors in the Outlook Calendar

TJ Taurisano -

The color feature in Outlook can be very helpful, especially when coordinating meetings in different locations. The colors can help you quickly identify the location of the meeting without having to check the details of each scheduled meeting. Please follow the steps below to add colors to individual calendar items:

  1. First, it will be necessary to set up Categories in Outlook:
    • Click the Mail button to load the Mail view of Outlook (NOT Calendar): Depending on your computer, you may see either of the two buttons below:


    • Go to the Tags group in the ribbon:

    • Click on Categorize, then click All Categories:

    • Click on the color you wish to choose and click Rename.
      NOTE: You can also create a new Category with the 'New' button.
    • Type the name you wish to assign to that color (example: Logistics Center, Headquarters, etc.)
      NOTE: You also have the option to assign a shortcut key here
    • Click OK
  2. Next, go to your Calendar view:


  3. Right-click the meeting that you would like to categorize. Hover your mouse pointer over the Categorize section, and click on the appropriate category.
    NOTE: You can select multiple Calendar entries to select and categorize multiple items at once by holding the Ctrl key and clicking each item 


After applying the selected colors, your calendar will display individual items in those colors until you change them. The colors can also be applied when scheduling meetings by clicking on the Categorize button in new Appointments.


If you experience problems with using the color feature in Outlook, please report the issue to the NAM Help Desk using one of the contact methods below:

Create a ticket - Click HERE
Send an e-mail - Click HERE
Call 410-309-0200 and ask to be transferred to the Help Desk

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