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The Lync Conference PIN is used to join Lync Conferences from devices that are not signed into a Lync account. This includes calling in from a cell phone, or using the equipment in some HQ conference rooms. You can also sign into a Lync enabled phone using your extension and conference PIN.

When a Lync Meeting is created using your account, other users are not able to participate in the meeting until the ‘Leader’ joins. The Lync meeting uses the Conference PIN to recognize who the leader of the meeting is.

If you do not know your Lync Conference PIN, or have never set it, use the instructions below to accomplish this task:


  1. Open any web browser and navigate to
    NOTE: This website is a server hosted in Denmark, so accessing it make take up to a minute.
    ADDITIONAL NOTE: This website loads faster in Google Chrome.

  2. At the top of the web page, find the Personal Identification Number (PIN) section, and click Sign In.


  3. Depending on the browser you are using, you may see either of the following Sign In screens:

    Internet Explorer (below):
    Username: Your email address (eg.
    Password: Your network password
    Click Sign In

    Google Chrome (below):
    Click Sign In

  4. After signing in, you will be returned to the main page. Notice the slightly different Personal Identification Number (PIN) section, which now shows your phone number and phone extension.
    Click on Reset your PIN:

  5. On the next page, type in your new PIN, then click OK. Please note the listed requirements:
    - Must be between 5 and 24 digits long
    - Cannot contain letters, spaces, or special characters

  6. If the PIN is valid, you will see a confirmation message:

NOTE: PANDORA Lync Desk Phones use your Lync Conference PIN to sign into your account. If you change your PIN, your phone may stop working until you sign back into the phone with your new PIN.


If you experience problems with updating your Lync PIN, please report the issue to the NAM Help Desk using one of the contact methods below:

Create a ticket - Click HERE
Send an e-mail - Click HERE
Call 410-309-0200 and ask to be transferred to the Help Desk

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