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Three Smartlist Favorites have been provided to assist users to report on security settings in Dynamics GP.

*** In order to see these favorites, you need to be assigned to the 'SECURITY REPORTING' role in GP. Please contact the system administrator for access.

How Security works in GP

  • Each Security Resource in GP (a window, a report, etc.) is assigned to one or more Security Tasks.
  • Each Security Task can be assigned to one or more Security Roles.
  • Security Roles can be assigned to one or more users, and a user can have more than one Security Role.

One special type of security is the ability to maintain master data such as Customers, Vendors and Items. In GP, master data is referred to as 'Cards' (e.g. Customer Card), although the actual window where the data is maintained are referred to as 'Maintenance' windows. There are two types of 'maintenance' windows: Modified and Original.

All 'original' maintenance windows in GP allow users the ability to update master data. The ability to actually make changes to the master data has been removed on the 'modified' maintenance windows. This update ability is set with the final step in the hierarchy:

  • Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports ID assigned to each user.

The 'DEFAULTUSER' ID provides access to the 'modified' maintenance windows, provided the Security Role the user is assigned to has access to that maintenance window.

For users that require the ability to make changes to master data, other Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports IDs are provided for each type of access needed.


How to report on Security

To find out which users have access to a resource in GP, you will use the Smartlists to find the Security Resource, the Tasks, the Roles and which users are assigned to those Roles.


Security Resources

The first step is to find the security resource that you're after.

There are a number of different security resources in GP, all of which can be searched for in the Smartlists:

  • Customization Tools
  • Document Access
  • Extender Resources
  • Letters
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Import
  • Navigation Lists
  • Reports
  • Series Posting Permissions
  • SmartList Builder Permissions
  • SmartList Objects
  • Table
  • Windows

To find out which users have access to which resource, first determine which type you're looking for. The most common request will be access to a window. The examples given in this article explain how to find the security settings for two types of windows: transactions, and updating master data (referred to as 'Cards' in Dynamics GP).


Security Tasks

To find the security task containing access to the journal entry window in GP, open the window that is used to enter journal entries (Transactions > Financial > General). At the top of the window is the Display Name. This will be used when searching for the Security Resource.

  1. Open the Security Tasks Smartlist (Smartlist > System > Security Tasks).
  2. Click Search.
  3. Search for Display Name = Transaction Entry.

The Smartlist will return one record in this example. Make a note of the Security Task ID.


Security Roles

  1. Open the Security Roles and Tasks
  2. Click Search.
  3. Search for Security Task ID = TRX_FIN_001*.

The Smartlist will return one or more Security roles that the resource is assigned to. Make a note of the Security Role ID(s) (in this example there is only one).


Users assigned to roles

  1. Open the Security Roles and Tasks
  2. Click Search.
  3. Search for Security Role ID = GL - TRX.

Smartlist will return all users assigned to the role for all GP companies. If you want only those assigned in the main company, put in a second search criteria Company Name = Pandora Jewelry LLC.


Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports

When you want to know who has the ability to update customer master data, you need to find two pieces:

  1. Which users have access to Customer Maintenance.
  2. Which of those users with access are assigned to an Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports ID that provides the original window.

Follow the first three steps to identify which users have access to the Customer Maintenance window.

Next, use the Security Alternate Forms User Assignments Smartlist to find users that are assigned to one of the IDs that include 'AR CARDS' (note that there might be more than one that has access to the AR cards - the title will indicate that). Compare this list to the list of users that have access to the role that includes Customer Maintenance.

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